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Business & Technology Consultancy

At Railston & Co, we help businesses to leverage the power of mobile and cloud-based technologies in order to help advance how their employees or customers encounter and interact with their information. We develop, innovate and implement solutions and strategies that deliver clear and measurable advantages and we look for disruptive ideas to help our clients stand out from their competition.

With over a 100 years of combined technical and commercial knowledge, our management have decades of experience to offer. Not only do we understand the challenges of modern business, we deliver solutions that harness these new technologies to meet these modern challenges – and enhance your business.

Digital Transformation Consultancy

Digital transformation, or as some refer to it, digital reinvention, allows you to review all aspects of your business operations to determine which elements need to change.

The team at Railston & Co can support you through this process, step by step. We can help you identify which products or services within your business are best suited to change, help you to define a new strategy or new operating model as well as build the platform if required, leaving you to take care of the cultural and organisational aspects that accompany any digital transformation project.

Mobile App Development

Our team has been building mobile solutions for over 10 years. Our experience means we can deliver fully integrated solutions including mobile applications, mobile internet sites, mobile commerce, augmented reality, mobile coupons, mCRM and location based services.  We are experts in the development of Apps using the latest mobile and cloud based technologies.

After many years in the web and mobile industry, we know as well as anyone the importance of ‘collaborative development’. We work alongside you and your team to ensure your requirements and objectives are met and the solution delivers an ROI.

Web App Development

If done right, a web application should transform your business. At Railston & Co, we’re not just interested in making your current system better, we’re interested in developing software that takes your entire organisation to the next level and sets you apart from your competition.

We believe custom software should provide truly transformative solutions. Our experience in building web applications starts back in the late 90s. Our team have built banks, insurance portals, recruitment solutions and eCommerce platforms all from the ground up. We know a thing or two about process, business, innovation and software development.

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